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How Sell & Stay Works

We buy your home,
and you get your equity.
You stay in your home as a tenant,
and can repurchase your home
or move, when the time’s right for you!



Once you complete our form, you will be notified if your home qualifies. A team member will reach out to discuss the next steps.

We create a customized contract

We agree on a funding amount, rental price, repurchase price, and initial lease term.

We buy your home, and you get your equity!

We execute the sale and lease agreements. We can close in under 30 days.

You stay in your home

You continue to live in your home, paying monthly rent. You can repurchase your home, or move, at any time.

You Repurchase Your Home

Buy back your home for the Repurchase Price.

You Decide to Move

We put your house on the market, once sold, you move and receive the Sellout Value.

Common Terms

Funding Amount

EasyKnock’s initial payment (includes paying off mortgage balance).

Repurchase Price

Funding amount + inflation premium

Sellout Value

Successor purchase price – repurchase price – closing costs (remainder of equity after fees).

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