Sell and Stay

50% of reverse mortgage and HELOC applicants are rejected due to their FICO scores or HH income. Now, you can offer these clients an alternative.

Who’s talking about us:

A Residential Sale Leaseback

Our Sell and Stay program allows your client to sell their home, cash out, and then continue to live there through a lease agreement.


We primarily look at LTV (60% or less), and are not concerned with FICO or household income.


We provide lease term flexibility and the ability for your clients to buy back their property from us if they wish.


We solve their financial problems and give them a different way to get cash out of their home.

Sell and Stay Referrals

Partner with EasyKnock to offer Sell and Stay to your clients that don't qualify.
You get a rewarding referral fee and your client gets the money they need.

How It Works

We work with loan officers, real estate agents and other professionals

  • We buy your home
  • You get the cash
  • You stay living there as a renter for short term or long term
  • You will have the option to buy your home back

EasyKnock is an LTV-based alternative to HELOCs and reverse mortgages.

- Jarred Kessler, EasyKnock CEO