Why Pictures Are Incredibly Important When Listing Your Home Online

You’ve decided to sell your home. Good for you! The market is in pretty great shape for sellers right now, so you’ve probably made a great decision. Now, there are things to do. You’ll need to get your home market-ready, which includes cleaning and staging so that your home (figuratively) puts its best foot forward. There’s one more thing you need to do in order to optimize your real estate listing: get great pictures.

Evolution of Real Estate Shopping

Most people, whether they’re using a real estate agent, a buying and selling service like EasyKnock, or are shopping for a new home on their own, look at online listings first and foremost. The days of being forced to attempt to picture what a home is like based on a description and a drive-by inspection of the outside (and maybe some of the inside from a peek through the windows if the buyer was brave enough) are long gone.

Buyers today expect to know essentially what they’re walking into, and they likely won’t walk in at all if they can’t get a good idea of what the house is like based on the online listing. The most effective way that owners can do that besides offering up accurate information about the home is to take great pictures that are wholly representative of the home, but also take care to showcase its best features.

Visual Culture

Consider the most popular social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all rely heavily on visuals to draw in users and keep them coming back. Our culture has become very visual. This carries over into real estate. We quickly scroll by and discount poorly taken photos that don’t capture the subject well. We carefully take in well done photography, better retaining the information it presents and thinking about the subject in a more positive way.

Great listing photos are the best way to get buyers in the door these days. Give potential buyers a first impression that makes them want to know more about the property.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

Once a buyer has looked at your property, listing photos also serve as a reminder of what they’ve looked at. Generally speaking, human memory isn’t very reliable, and these photos serve to jog their memory. You want these photos to show them everything they loved about the home so that they stay interested. If listing photos display a dark, cramped looking home, that’s what buyers are likely to remember.

Listing Photos are a Powerful Tool

By harnessing the power of the way that people perceive visual representations of physical objects, you can use professional, accurate pictures to form the foundation of a successful home sales campaign.

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