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I just thought of starting an interview series to help my followers meet new business owners and entrepreneurs to have a deep exposure of variety of industries. So, today in my interview series, meet Jarred Kessler the CEO of EasyKnock. EasyKnock is a residential real estate technology startup on a mission to change the process of listing and selling one’s home. I had the exclusive chance to interview Jarred, and get his take on his company and where the industry is headed.

Elsie: Thank you so much for making time for me Jarred. So tell me, what was your background in?

Jarred: My background or experience has always been around creating new products and opportunities. My first job out of college was actually writing scripts for MTV, where I really learned the importance of being creative. I then moved onto financial services because I loved solving problems. I am also an investor in many startups and recently wrote a book that became an Amazon best seller called “Death of Real Estate Salesman.” My last role was Head of Global Equities at Cantor Fitzgerald where I led a 500 person team. Prior to that I worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, always building businesses within these organizations. I am an entrepreneur at heart.

Elsie: Why did you get started with your new venture?

Jarred: People deserve a better process to engage the residential home market. They need something that is accessible and affordable that directly connects owners and buyers — without the pressure and expense of a broker. Right now, only 2% of all US homeowners are actively listing their homes for sale, while 54% would like to engage if they could do so “on their own terms.” This expands markets exponentially, giving buyers a much greater chance of finding their “dream home.”

Elsie: How did you get started with this new company?

Jarred: I started Easyknock because I kept running across friends that wanted a better process to sell their home where they could connect online with buyers and sellers but it didnt exist. People want control, accessibility and want to be able to test the waters without all the pressure the current dynamic that exists. Brokers take 6% out of peoples pocket and in this day and age that’s silly. People need an alternative to the traditional process and it’s not there. Here is what and why Easyknock exist.

Elsie: So what makes EasyKnock different from all of the other Real Estate platforms?

Jarred: With our platform, the homeowner sets the price that would compel them to sell. The tools will allow them to see when a buyer is interested at their price. Traditionally, brokerage companies charge 5-6% — we make it easy by streamlining the process and save homeowners money by only charging a minimum fee to close the deal. This is much different than places like Zillow and Redfin that support the brokerage industry. We empower consumers by providing the access to connect, giving homeowners the greenlight to engage at any time from the convenience of their own home.

Elsie: Ok. What is next for your company?

Jarred: Launching on Long Island, NY with big ambitions to create the best matching engine for the real estate market. We need people to know this avenue is available. The homebuyers need to adapt to the way buyers transact and we must support both sides. Our goal is to provide 49 times more homes than any platform because we allow people to dip their toe in without being fully committed.

Elsie: If you could give a word of advice to aspiring millennials what would it be?

Jarred: It’s better to scrappy and have grit than be smart. Grit in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s passion for a long-term goal or end state, coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve their respective objective. This perseverance of effort promotes the overcoming of obstacles or challenges that lie within a gritty individual’s path to accomplishment, and serves as a driving force in achievement realization. Scrappy and grit always prevails. “

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