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About Us

Our Mission

We want to help people by providing a new and flexible way for them to release their equity. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and when the financial hits begin to add up,  getting out of the hole can be tough. The current equity release options out there aren’t set up to help the people who really need it. We want to help homeowners get a fresh start so they can live life on their terms, while keeping their options open.

Why We Created Sell and Stay

Millions of Americans are property rich and cash poor. As a result of the credit crisis, lenders have strict requirements that disqualify many of the homeowners applying for re-financing. Without viable alternative options, they are forced to sell their homes and move.

You shouldn’t have to sell your house in a panic. You deserve the chance to get your life in order and establish some financial stability. We created Sell and Stay to provide homeowners with a new way to release their equity, without having to move, or who aren’t ready to move.

Sell and Stay

Sell and Stay, the first commercialized residential sale leaseback program in the USA, allows homeowners to sell their home, then lease it back. Unique to Sell and Stay, homeowners have the ability and flexibility to buy back their home or move at any time, releasing the full equity of their home. On top of that, our program doesn’t have many of the barriers that are associated with other equity extraction options like HELOC loans or reverse mortgages.



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