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About Us

Millions of Americans are “property rich and cash poor.” In fact, home equity is at an all time high. Concurrently, as a result of the credit crisis, lenders have stringent lending requirements that disqualify many homeowners in need of financing. Without a financing alternative, they are forced to sell their homes and move.

By creating Sell and Stay, we provide a new equity release system for individuals who don’t qualify for, or don’t benefit from the traditional home refinancing and loan options.

Sell and Stay

The first commercialized residential sale leaseback program in the USA, allows homeowners to sell their home, then lease it back for a prescribed period.

This a new way for homeowners to extract their home equity without moving, or many of the barriers found in other equity extraction options like HELOC loans or reverse mortgages.

EasyKnock is designed to help people, first and foremost — and to provide options where there were no viable ones before. We strive to provide complete transparency into our business.


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