Sell your house, but keep the keys.

Release the equity in your home without moving.

*Pre-qualifying will not impact your credit score

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What is Sell and Stay?

Easyknock buys your home, pays off your mortgage, liens, and other recorded indebtedness, and releases your home equity back to you. You continue to live in your home as a renter.

You tell us about your situation (ie; past-due mortgage payments, you want to move but need the finances to do that, you want to start a new business). We create an agreement that meets your financial needs and time frame (lease length).


The Smiths own a house worth $240,000 and they have a mortgage balance of $80,000. They want to invest money into starting a new business, but they are behind on their mortgage and have a below average credit score.

EasyKnock will pay a first installment of $120,000 for the Smith’s home. $80,000 will pay off the mortgage and the remaining $40,000 goes directly to the Smiths. The Smiths continue to live in their home and pay rent for 2 years. At any time during the lease term they can decide to buy the house back for $130,000 or request it be listed and sold at market value. If listed and sold, the Smiths would then receive the net sale proceeds over $130,000.

Why Sell and Stay?

Home refinancing criteria are very rigid, often disqualifying many individuals that apply for standard loans or reverse mortgages. Everyone’s situation is different, we at EasyKnock understand this. So, we've created a unique solution to help homeowners access their home equity.

Don’t have good credit or adequate income

Don’t qualify for a HELOC or reverse mortgage

Want to tap into your equity now, but don’t want to move

Need cash and time to find a new home

Financial freedom for new opportunities - start a new business or investment

Have time sensitive expenses

No moving, no downsizing, no loans, just equity.

How Sell and Stay Works

1You need some of your home equity now, but want to buy back your home at some point.

2We agree on a purchase price, rental price, and initial lease term.

3We execute contract to buy your home, including paying off any indebtedness. Closing takes 30 days (we can expedite if necessary)

4We close and pay-off any existing liens on the property and you get your money!

5You continue to live in your home as a renter for at least one year, to renew just provide three months notice!

6Buy back your home or request it be put on the market at any point. We’ll sell the house and you get the net proceeds over the purchase option price.

A more flexible path to sell your home.


Sell and Stay solved our problem. We wanted to move but don’t know where. EasyKnock bought our home and now we have the cash and the time to look for our next home.

- Tommy, EasyKnock customer from Texas

Easyknock’s plan is fantastic. Clients who needed to consolidate debt had no luck with mortgage companies. Sell and Stay is exactly what they needed.

- Alex, mortgage loan officer from Georgia

I’m a real estate agent. EasyKnock was the key to my client’s problem. Sell and Stay was the right move – without having to move!

- Terry, Indiana Real Estate Agent

I had no idea this was an option. Genius. Great people to work with. My wife was terrified to think of selling and moving right now, instead we have a 2 year lease and plenty of time to find a home near our grandkids.

- Barry, EasyKnock customer from South Carolina

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