EasyKnock | Equity Release Solutions for Homeowners

Your Path to Financial Freedom Starts Here

Sell & Stay is a FICO-free program that enables
homeowners to tap their home equity without moving

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Easyknock home

Introducing Sell & Stay

We buy your home, you get the cash you need,
and remain in your home as a renter.
You can buy back your home when the time’s right


Once qualified, we’ll create a customized contract that meets your needs.

If the agreement works for you, we’ll move forward, buying your home, and releasing your equity to you.

You stay in your home as a renter, with the flexibility to buy back your home or move at any point.

Why You’ll Love Us


We can close in 30 days or less. You can buy back your home or move at any point.


We don’t care about your credit score or type of income.


We communicate with you directly, discuss rates and prices.


Success Stories


EasyKnock helped me when no one else would. I had a lot of equity in my home and I needed access to this equity to ha ...


Through Sell & Stay, EasyKnock purchased our house, and we now have the money to build our new home. We can stay in our current house until our new h ...


My experience with EasyKnock was 5 stars from start to close. I was property rich, yet credit score poor due to some ...


This was a great program for us... we stand to make a good profit when all is said and done and EasyKnock has been great to work with.